Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 139.326)

  • Practice areas: business labor advisory and consultancy with an emphasis on management and prevention of labor risks, productivity and corporate image, labor auditing, labor compliance and LGPD compliance services, as well as monitoring individual and collective labor negotiations with strategic management techniques, corporate conflicts and training
  • Specialist in Labor and Procedure Law | Faculdade de Direito Milton Campos (FDMC), Brazil
  • LL.B. | Faculdade de Direito Milton Campos (FDMC), Brazil
  • Languages: Portuguese and Spanish

Dan M. Kraft

Founding & Senior Partner (OAB/MG 56.981)
(Barreau QC 304357-6)

David França Carvalho

Partner (OAB/MG 101.820)

Guilherme Máximo Lima

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 102.350)

Felipe Augusto Silva Custódio

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 174.417)

Júlia Lima

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 139.326)

Matheus Carvalho

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 182.553)

Denise de Souza Corrêa

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 102.388)

Vanderlei Lopes Corrêa

Associate Consultant

Juliane Gomes de Paula

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 201.451)