Practice Areas

Consulting and litigation (judiciary, arbitration and mediation)


  • Legal conceptualization, planning, execution and coordination of business activities in Brazil and abroad
  • Investment and asset management planning structres, including offshore
  • Licensing and bureaucratic procedures for investment and commercial transactions
  • Garantees, credit collection and documentary credit solutions
  • Participation in trade fairs, legal negociation and oversight of deals in Brazil and abroad
  • Corporate diplomacy


  • Creation, adjustments, dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy procedures of companies or corporations
  • Negotiation, drafting and implementation of shareholders agreements
  • M&A transactions structuring, oversight and due diligence, including multidisciplinary teams’ coordination
  • Governança e compliance best practices advice, planning and implementation, including legal representation and Board membership


  • Private and Public, including P3’s and public concessions in any sector, from the bidding phase to the extinction of obligations and guarantees
  • Commercial, national and international (including Joint-Ventures)
  • Infrastructure, including Turnkeys and under FIDIC rules
  • Franchising, as well as IP registration and licensing
  • Distribution, agency and representation in Brazil and abroad


  • General Counsel for national and international transactions, including customized products and funds, regulated by national bodies and agencies, such as Central Bank and Securities Exchange Commission
  • Debt issue and renegotiation advice
  • Legal risk due diligence and reports
  • Administrative proceedings at the Central Bank, including investment related


  • Administrative and judicial disputes
  • Domestic and international arbitration and mediation
  • Litigation oversight, audit and strategic orientation in Brazil and abroad


  • Consulting and structuring energy, telecom, logistics and regulated sector businesses
  • Bills and regulatory changes advice and follow-up impacting investment strategies
  • Technological and corporate joint-ventures aiming at winning public bids