Associate Consultant
  • Practice Areas: Banking and taxation, notable expertise in dealing with public debt instruments and audit
  • CPA
  • Former employee of Brazil’s Economy Ministry
  • Former auditor of Brazil’s Central Bank, responsible for the supervision and liquidation of financial institutions

Dan M. Kraft

Founding & Senior Partner (OAB/MG 56.981)
(Barreau QC 304357-6)

David França Carvalho

Partner (OAB/MG 101.820)

Guilherme Máximo Lima

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 102.350)

Felipe Augusto Silva Custódio

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 174.417)

Júlia Lima

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 139.326)

Matheus Carvalho

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 182.553)

Denise de Souza Corrêa

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 102.388)

Vanderlei Lopes Corrêa

Associate Consultant

Juliane Gomes de Paula

Associate Lawyer (OAB/MG 201.451)